Neymeyer - Family Crest / Wappen

The Neymeyer Family

©2005 Flo Neymeyer

The Family Crest

This is the Crest of the Neymeyers.
The Helmet is called “Stechhelm”. Literally that is “pierce helmet”, a better translation would be “pointed helmet”. This indicates a more middle-class origin. Probably somebody in the 17th or 18th century has developed it.
The griffon most likely stands for Baden. Baden is a region in extreme south western Germany. For example in the crest of the German State Baden-Württemberg the griffon holding the crest symbolizes Baden.
The shield is a later gothic half round shield in red.
I'd be grateful for tidbilts who developed the crest and when. See therefore under Contact.

Sources and further information:
Heraldik-Wappen (German)
Münchner Wappenherold (German)
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