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The Neymeyer Family

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Astonishing – the oldest of the Neymeyer Family
In spite of the worst circumstancs of life (hard physical labor, bad working conditions, little medical care and wars) there were again and again also Neymeyers of nearly biblical age. Above all this refers to the men! The women rarely reached old age because of hard working in the house and the fields. What is more numerous births often ruined their physical health.

Tragic – Birth and Death with the Neymeyer Family
In the 20th century large families were a thing of the past with two or three children. But in the 19th century and before a family with eight or ten children was not unusual. Childhood mortality was very high, so a lot of pain and sorrow is hidden behind of the matter of fact numbers in the Family Tree Book.

18th Century Hardships
In every generation inconceivable things have happened because of the difficulties of life. There were always the children of the poorest in a family who died first. In one Neymeyer Family there was special tragedy in the 18th century. The wife had given birth to eleven children during fifteen years. Only one son survived to found another branch of the family. The first and second child died as babies. The daughter died at the age of twenty-five. The last seven children (five of them with the name Katharina) died at birth. In another example a Neymeyer had two wife between 1741 and 1764 seventeen children, five dies as babies.

Over the centuries war has taken its toll of Neymeyer men who where often major contributors to their family’s income and were needlessly killed in war.
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